How can we get more kids into the game?

Hockey Front“The only score that matters is how many kids are playing the game.” 

This message can be clearly found on all communications from KidSport who have over 170 community chapters across Canada to help remove the financial barriers that all too often prevent children from playing organized sport.

A unique initiative was launched between KidSport and Hyundai Canada with the goal of ensuring at least 1000 players facing financial hardships are able to play hockey each season. clearly illustrates the integrated approach they have taken with their dealerships, customers, and KidSport to get more kids in the game.

What is remarkable about initiatives such as these is the lasting impact they can make in a community. KidSport provides grants to over 60,000 children annually. The main reason for this initiative is that children being raised in low-income families are often unable to participate in sports; despite the proven fact that children involved in sport are able to further develop their motor skills, social skills, and creativity.

KidSport is not the only initiative of this nature. There are many other local organizations in Waterloo-Wellington with similar goals; including the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington, the City of Waterloo Leisure Access Program, and the City of Kitchener Leisure Access Card.

Despite all of the good work these many organizations do to fund sports participation for children, there is often a very limited marketing aspect to them simply because advertising is viewed by many as a large expense, especially in the non-profit sector. Much of their marketing initiatives are completed through their websites and word of mouth from minor sports organizations is heavily relied upon to get their message out. This presents many challenges, as the organizations want to be able to help as many children as possible but that also requires more donations if they are to continue growing.

Be sure to check back for my next post that will delve deeper into some of the marketing initiatives these organizations have undertaken in comparison to the highly publicized ads organizations such as Canadian Tire and Tim Horton’s have aired in relation to their funding initiatives.

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